This  devilish “jig” is an Italianate running of 16th notes, virtuosic right to the last breath, and setting up wonderful contrast for the beginning of the Chaconne (the next movement), with it’s stately, pillar-like chords.

Week 13 of the Bach project brings another pairing, this time 2 contrasting movements from the d minor partita. Everything but the Chaconne (TBD late November) in this work is now taken care of! For now, here is the Allemanda and in a day or two, the Giga.

The Allemanda is another dramatic opening to a partita, but unlike the chordal, royal delivery of the b minor, it is here dark, brooding, with almost improvisatory allusion to the epicness to which the work closes, a very different mood indeed than what precedes the partita (see the Allegro from the a minor Sonata with its wonderful soft ending, already posted).